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Why Customer Service Shouldn’t be Automated

Now more than ever, people want to speak to other people. Still, there is an undeniable push toward automation in customer service. Automated chatbots and robotic answering services might have a place, but we should be careful not to rely on them too heavily. Today, we’d like to present a few reasons why customer service should not become automated.

Why Customer Service Shouldn’t be Automated

Now more than ever, your customers want to speak to other humans. Here are some of the pitfalls of automated customer service!

Machines Can’t Have Great Customer Service

On the surface, this might seem like an outlandish claim. Machines can be held to high standards of customer service, and they can be programmed to be as ‘polite’ as possible. But when it’s a machine that’s doing it, the customer service loses its meaning.

A well-programmed machine is impressive in its own right, but it does not reveal the actual humanity behind your business. Letting humans display outstanding customer service is far more impressive to your customers.

Automation Annoys Customers

For virtually all the calls that your call center receives, there is someone on the other end of the line who needs help. They may even be distressed or frustrated. If they’re confronted with an automated voice when they call in, this will only exasperate their annoyance.

Often, what your customer wants just as much as a solution to their problem is to be heard. An automated answering service might be able to solve their problem, but it won’t be able to empathize with their frustration.

Quicker Calls

Let’s think of your typical automated answering service. The customer has to listen to a long list of options and select the one that best applies to them. This process might repeat several times. While this could eventually get them to their solution, it takes up time. People don’t want to spend more time than they have to on a phone call. There’s no substitute for a human getting to the root of the problem as quickly as possible.

Retain Your Customers

Few things can be more devastating to a business than poor customer service. If your customers have to deal with long, impersonal calls when they’re having an issue with your product or service, they aren’t going to want to be your customer for very long.

Given the choice between an automated answering system and speaking to a real human, a majority of consumers would choose the latter. Shifting away from automated customer service is a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd, and to retain your customers for years to come.

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