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Best Ways To Gain Customer Feedback

Best Ways To Gain Customer Feedback

Understanding customer feedback gives you the best insight into how you should shape your long-term plans.

Understanding your customers is one of the most important aspects of any business model. You have to keep yourself updated with the way your consumer thinks. Understanding customer feedback gives you the best insight into how you should shape your long-term plans. Here are the best ways to gain and collect your customer’s viewpoint.

Social Media

Social media has a variety of capabilities, and one of its best benefits for businesses is how it allows companies to interact with customers. Whether it’s positive or negative, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram allow you to gain the clearest image of how your product is being received. You have to remember, however, that if you don’t respond to feedback (especially of the negative kind) it could look worse.


Surveys are an easy (and quick) way to unmask how your customers feel. If it’s an online survey, you can collect a mass amount of responses in a short period of time. If you conduct phone surveys on a regular basis, you may not have a large quality, but you’ll have much stronger quality in your feedback. They also allow you to quickly fix any potential issue that arises.

Focus Groups

If phone surveys give you quality, then focus groups expand on that quality. A focus group gives you incredibly specific detail on what’s right and what’s wrong. You have the opportunity to see immediate reactions, and how how a customer truly feels. Focus Groups are exactly what they sound like, a group of people (usually strangers) sitting through a mock exercise.

Be Understanding

You will inevitably have customers that had a poor experience, and they may not be in the best mood when you receive the feedback. Always make sure you’re being considerate of their experience to get the best possible answers for the future.


Usability testing allows you to identify the exact problems with your product, and what customers think could be improved. It can also help in pointing out issues before they become a widespread problem.

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