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Beware of Offshore Call Centers


Having a call center based in the US provides your customers with the highest level of service.

Last week we discussed the merits of outsourcing your IT help desk. Your company can maximize profits while improving service rendered to your employees and customers. You may be looking at outsourcing your call center to an offshore location. While you might reap some of the benefits, offshoring your call center has its own set of cons that you need to be aware of. These are mainly concerned with a general decrease in customer satisfaction.

Language and Cultural Barriers

One of the ways your reputation for excellent customer service may suffer is through a natural problem in offshoring – the language and cultural barriers inherent in using foreign-based workers. Misunderstandings are easier and more aggravating when dealing with a foreign call center employee. They may be using their second language and unfamiliar with American cultural norms. Customers will then perceive your business to have a lower standard of customer service.

Quality Control is More Difficult

Your efforts at monitoring quality assurance may be harder when your call center is based in a foreign country. This makes setting policies aimed at increasing customer satisfaction more difficult than using a domestically based call center.

Security Concerns

The foreign agents working your call center may not be subject to same level of background checks that US based agents would. If your call center agents need to deal with sensitive or private information, it would be more reasonable to go with the added security that a US based call center provides.

Extra Fees and Costs

At first glance, it may appear to be less expensive to go with an offshore call center. However, there are many hidden costs that often go overlooked when that decision is made. Unforeseen legal problems may make it necessary to hire a lawyer who specializes in international law. Your bottom line may also be negatively impacted by the loss of customers due to substandard customer service. The subsequent cost of bringing back these lost customers may be unappealing to your business.

TeleRep – An American Company

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