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Building an Environmentally Friendly Call Center

environmentally friendly call center

Think green at your call center this Earth Day. You know we will be.

Tomorrow, April 22nd, is the 46th annual Earth Day. Each year since 1970, Earth Day has given Americans a day to stop and figure out ways they can reduce their environmental impact and find some ways to help out our good friend Mother Nature. At TeleRep, we’re always eager to do the best we can to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly call center. Here are some things that we’re doing — and that you can do, too — to protect our planet.

Environmentally Friendly Call Center Practices

It doesn’t take a whole lot to make a difference. To make steps toward an environmentally friendly call center, try out some of these easy measures to reduce your carbon footprint and maybe even see some savings in operations costs.


  • Turn off computers when not in use. TeleRep is a 24/7 call center, so there’s no “after hours” here, but that isn’t true of every call center. Even with non-stop operation, that doesn’t mean that every computer is in use all the time. If your call center does close down for the night, turn computers off before you leave. A study by 1E and the Alliance to Save Energy found that an American company with 10,000 computers will waste over a quarter of a million dollars in energy costs over the span of a year, as a result of computers that are on but not in use. Reduce energy costs and the environmental impact of energy emissions by taking a few seconds to power off your computer.
  • Reduce and Recycle. With all of the great technology available to us in 2016, there are many operations that can go paperless in an environmentally friendly call center. Things like training and call center metrics can be executed digitally, perhaps even more successfully than with paper. Where paper is necessary, establishing a recycling program is huge for helping your environmental impact.
  • Let the light shine in. Natural light is not only great for reducing energy consumption. It has also been proven to have a positive impact on employee’s mood, productivity, and even health.


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