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How Call Center Agents Set Up Their Home Office

About a year ago, a majority of call centers in the United States went remote. Many of them will stay that way. While working from home comes with quite a few quality of life benefits for many people, it isn’t for everyone. One of the biggest factors to success is setting up your home office. Your productivity can only be as good as your workspace. Today, we’ll share a little bit about how call center agents should set up their home office.

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Your productivity can only be as good as your workspace. Here is how call center agents can set up their home office.

Select the Location

Many individuals who aren’t accustomed to the work-from-home life don’t have the luxury of a designated home office. If you have a room that can be transformed into one, that’s great. But limitations of space might prevent you from doing so.

Ideally, you should select a location removed from where you do most of your relaxation—such as your living room or bedroom. This can interfere with your productivity or even the quality of your sleep at night. You also want to be as far away as you can from where the people you live with might make noise. Many call center agents find that their dining room can easily be transformed into a home office during a workday.

A Comfortable Chair

This may seem like an exaggeration, but the comfort level of your chair really is essential for productivity—and for your health. If you find yourself constantly adjusting your position in your chair, it could be either an issue of posture or the chair just not being right for you. Keep in mind, though, that the right chair for one person might not be perfect for another.

Many people have experienced marked changes in their productivity with a standing desk. It is certainly healthier for you to incorporate some standing into your daily work routine, but good posture is important when you’re standing, too. In reality, a combination of a standing and sitting desk may work out best.

Internet Connection

Without a stable internet connection, the modern-day call center agent can’t accomplish their work. This is especially true for call centers that get all of their calls done via the internet. But even if you are able to use a landline, you will in all likelihood need a stable internet connection to access relevant software and materials.

For the most stable of internet connections, a wired, broadband internet connection is best. Some employers may allow wireless networks, but they are more likely to have connectivity issues that can get in the way of your work.

The three elements we’ve described above should be the foundation of every call center agent’s home office!

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