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Common Misconceptions in Customer Service

Here at TeleRep, we take pride in training our new call center workers to meet and exceed even the highest expectations our clients might have. A successful agent needs many skills, but chief among them is outstanding customer service. In our decades of business, we have come across quite a few myths about what good service entails. Today, we’ll address some of these misconceptions in customer service!

Common Misconceptions in Customer Service

Today, we’ll address some of the most common myths and misconceptions in customer service.

Speed is Most Important

It’s undeniably true that, in the digital age, people’s attention spans are shorter than ever before. As a rule of thumb, people do like for things to go by quicker. But our customers know that they should not prioritize speed if it comes at the expense of excellent customer service.

One of the advantages that a live agent has over automation is providing customers with a personalized experience. It’s hard to squeeze even a little personalization into a rushed phone call. So while our agents do know that time is of the essence, they also know it isn’t everything.

Live Agents aren’t in Demand

Going along with our last point, our workers know the value of speaking to a live agent for our customers. While a little bit of automation can be acceptable or even preferable in certain circumstances, we believe that connecting with an actual human on the other end of the line is important. This is especially true in a world where teleworking is the norm; a little bit of human interaction, even if it’s with a call center agent, can go a long way.

If a Customer Doesn’t Complain, They’re Satisfied

Whatever field you work in, you may have heard it before: a silent customer is a happy customer. Here at TeleRep, this is something we like to push against. Just because a customer isn’t actively voicing their unhappiness doesn’t mean they’re completely satisfied with your product or service.

It’s notoriously difficult to gauge just how satisfied your customers actually are. But our agents are adept at intuiting when customers are unhappy, and fixing what ails them—even when it isn’t obvious.

You Should Never Put Customers on Hold

Another one of the most enduring misconceptions in customer service is that you should never put customers on hold. This a good rule of thumb. But, like every rule of thumb, it is ultimately an oversimplification.

Rather than avoiding putting customers on hold altogether, our call center workers know that it’s okay to do so as a last resort. It’s better to put a customer on hold momentarily so that you can research the correct answer to their question than to give them the wrong answer.

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