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How to Keep a Professional Tone on the Phone

Keeping a Professional Tone

Keeping a friendly, professional tone on the phone is critical to the success of your business.

A receptionist will often be the first representation of your business for your customers. People who call your business to schedule appointments or ask about the services you offer expect the same type of courteous, professional manner over the phone from your receptionist as they would receive from simply walking into your office. The tone of your voice during these calls can often set the tone for the entire conversation, and having the wrong tone can lead to missed business opportunities. It’s often very challenging for a receptionist to keep this in mind as they are usually juggling many different tasks at once, such as data entry or filing tasks. Here are some tips to help maintain a professional tone even during the toughest and busiest of times.

Keep a Default Introduction

While callers to your business will have different reasons for their call, choosing and keeping a default introduction is the best practice for greeting. Make sure you’re repeating this introduction every time a customer calls in and don’t rush it. The general rule is to express thanks for the call, remind the customer of the name of the business, and give them a name as to whom they are speaking. For example, “Thank you for calling Joe’s Plumbing, this is Jane, how can I help you?”

Pace Yourself and Your Call

People who talk quickly tend to want to get to the point of a conversation and not engage in banter. While this is not rude, per se, it can be construed as such by your customers. However, it is considered polite to answer questions verging on banter with straight answers that are not overly engaging. If a customer asks how your day is going, you can let them know that it is going well, and then return that question to them. It’s a direct, to the point answer, and the customer won’t feel like they’re bothering you, making your engagement with them warm and professional.

Be Attentive – Take Notes if Necessary

Have a notepad handy to jot down notes about a customer’s call. If the customer is calling about an issue they are having with your business, they expect you to be fully engaged with them and paying attention. It can be difficult sometimes to remember details of these calls in the heat of the moment, so jotting down notes is a useful way to do this. Be attentive – customers are able to tell when a receptionist is not really listening to them. Be empathetic as well, even if you disagree with the reasons for their frustration. Not keeping a professional tone will make a customer feel disrespected, leading them to take their business elsewhere (and tell their extended network about your rudeness, as well).

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