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How to Personalize a Customer Service Call

Why should you choose live operators in an era of automation? Here at TeleRep, we believe there are countless reasons to do so. But chief among them is the personalization that only live operators can provide. Now more than ever, genuine interpersonal connection is crucial. Today, we’ll share a few techniques our agents use to personalize a customer service call.

personalize customer service telerep

Now more than ever, interpersonal connection is crucial. Today, we’ll share a few techniques our agents use to personalize a customer service call.

Careful with Scripts

Scripts absolutely have their place in a call center. They’re especially useful as a tool to assist new call center agents. But as our agents become more accustomed to the typical flow of a customer service phone call, it might be best to lean away from them.

One of the best ways to personalize a customer service call is by ditching the script. When an agent simply reads from a script, moving from one prompt to the next, it’s hardly different from automation. A more personalized approach involves an organic conversation that is even more efficient.

Use Names

What could be more personal than someone’s name? At the beginning of each phone call, we encourage our agents to share their names, as well as to ask that of the caller. Because you can’t see the other person’s face, phone calls have a tendency to feel somewhat impersonal. But sharing and using names can help to bridge that gap.

Another perk of our agents sharing their names is that it helps us with quality control. We just love hearing that a particular agent was exceptionally helpful and attentive! Without names, it’s difficult for information like this to get passed on.

Listen Actively

For call center workers, listening is just as important as speaking—often even more so. The fact that an automated customer service call can’t really ‘listen’ is another one of the advantages that live operators have over a machine.

Another favorite way to personalize a customer service call is through practicing active listening. Sometimes, this may involve ‘echoing’ a statement or concern shared by the caller, so that they know they’ve been heard and understood.

Another side of this equation is empathizing with the caller. Try using phrases such as “I apologize for the inconvenience,” or “I understand your frustration.” This is just another aspect of active listening that can help personalize your customer service calls!

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