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The Cost of Poor Customer Service

The Cost of Poor Customer Service telerep

If your answering service provides poor customer service, you may be noticing significant losses in your business.

Customer service is not merely something that is required as a response to customer complaints. Customer service should be a proactive strategy used before, during, and after a sale. In fact, customer service can be a definitive factor in whether a customer returns to your business in the future. At TeleRep, we take customer service very seriously and always ensure that our call center technicians are informed and professional. If your answering service provides poor customer service, you may be noticing significant losses in your business. 

The Loss of Current Clients and Customers

Studies have shown that over 50% of people will never buy or work with a brand again after having even one bad customer service experience. Losing half of your clients would negatively impact any business. But for smaller businesses, that loss can be even more challenging to bounce back from. Once a customer is dissatisfied with your service, it can be nearly impossible to mend that relationship and bring them back. This is why providing excellent service from the beginning is always the best strategy. 

Loss of Business Partners

Your customers want to feel appreciated, but your business partners do too. Many companies rely on numerous partnerships to bring in business and supply products, so you do not want to damage these relationships. Quick responses, attention to detail, and valuing your partnerships can help you keep these relationships intact and functioning well. Customer service isn’t just for your customers, but for anyone you work with and who your company depends on for success. 

A Decrease in Long-Term Customer Retention 

If you can create and maintain customer loyalty for years, you can enjoy a regular customer base. Customer retention helps you create an excellent reputation and attract new customers through word of mouth. However, you cannot retain customers for the long term if you don’t routinely provide excellent customer service. Going the extra mile to provide a great experience for every customer will keep them coming back again and again. 

Loss of Potential Customers

In today’s world, sharing your thoughts on a business with thousands of others has never been easier. If even one customer has a bad experience, they can write a negative online review that discourages future customers from visiting. The best way to avoid this situation is to do everything you can to provide a positive experience. However, occasional disgruntled customers are unfortunately inevitable. When you encounter a negative customer review or issue, do what you can to positively mend the situation. 

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