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Tips for Improving First Call Resolution

Tips for Improving First Call Resolution telerep

Customers don’t want to have to repeatedly call back if your telephone answering service can’t answer their questions or solve their issues.

Many people today don’t like to make phone calls, especially younger adults who are used to seeking out information on their own online or are more comfortable texting than calling. So it makes sense that when people do decide that they have to call to handle a situation, they want that call to be the only one they have to make. They don’t want to have to call back on a later day if your telephone answering service can’t answer their question or solve their issue, which feels like poor customer service. They want the answer or solution the first time they call. This is called First Call Resolution, and it is a good metric for determining the efficiency of your call center. Read on to learn more about first call resolution and for tips on how to improve it and consequently improve your customers’ experiences. 

Determining FCR

As far as live answering service metrics go, determining first call resolution, or FCR, is pretty straightforward. It is a simple ratio of the number of calls that are resolved on the first call divided by the total number of callers surveyed. Usually, this data is derived through post-call surveys, which callers often opt out of, so this will not be a true count of total calls, but it is still valuable data. 

Improve FCR Through Training

Employee training is the best way to improve FCR, including phone etiquette training and specific training about your business and industry so that they can answer questions correctly. Training should also include goal setting for customer service agents so they understand what is expected of them. Incentivizing your business goals is a good way to help service reps stretch to meet them.

Improve FCR Through Tools

There are also several tools that can help your business to improve FCR. First, a live call center is a valuable tool that pays for itself in customer satisfaction, especially over very busy times, like the holidays. Even if you don’t have an answering service, invest in a phone system that makes it easy to get ahold of your business. Avoid long wait times and overly complex menus so that customers aren’t already frustrated before they even talk to anyone. Finally, don’t forget to gather feedback from your customers so that you can see where you need to improve your processes.

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