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Why Would a Towing Company Need a Call Center?

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A call center can be a great resource for a towing company or other businesses that get a high number of calls.

Your towing company has many components, and a call center might not be one of the first things to spring to your mind when thinking of all the things that your business involves. Many towing companies use in-house call centers, but outsourcing a call center can often be the smartest move. Here are some pros and cons to outsourcing your towing company’s calls to a skilled call center through TeleRep.

Why Is Outsourcing Your Call Center to TeleRep a Great Move?

  • Cost: It can be incredibly expensive to use an in-house, 24-hour call center to keep track of all the calls going in and out of your towing company. With countless calls pouring in all day and night, phone bills combined with personnel costs can get sky high. By outsourcing your call center to another place, you can cut salary costs and infrastructure costs, as the software and computer technology needed is already there.
  • Less Stress:  Maintaining a 24-hour call center can be stressful for management and the workers, as calls come into your towing company at all hours of the day or night from stressed out customers seeking urgent service. Outsourcing your call center alleviates almost all of this stress and allows you to receive the information from quality calls through your system instead of having to deal with every step of the process.
  • Adaptation: When using a call center, your customer service can be augmented during high volume periods, unlike in person. While you might wish you had five arms and five heads to talk to five customers at once, you don’t. An outsourced towing company call center does have five people available to talk to those five customers without putting any on hold (although it isn’t one person with five heads and arms!).

Are There Any Downsides?

Many people are concerned about outsourcing their call center to another location, some because they worry that customer care and the customer experience will be negatively impacted, some because they worry about cost, and others out of fear that losing control over this aspect of their business will come with unwanted negative surprises. Unfortunately, when using less professional and skilled call companies, customer care can be compromised. Always do your due diligence on a company before hiring.

Add Live Chat with TeleRep

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