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Debunking Common Call Center Myths

debunking common call center myths telerep

Truly successful call centers care about improving the customer experience by focusing on quality assurance and caring about employees.

Call centers are integral parts of any business. They are often the first point of contact when customers need support. Despite the bad reputation call centers have endured for decades, they are more than just cost centers. Truly successful contact centers care about improving the customer experience by focusing on quality assurance and caring about employees. Today we will debunk some of the common myths about call centers.

Phones are Outdated

While text chat and social media have gained popularity in recent years, most customers still prefer to talk on the phone. In fact, up to 80% of customers still get their problems resolved over the phone.

Most Call Centers are Outsourced

While some call centers were outsourced back in the 80s and 90s, this myth does not ring true anymore. Most companies have brought their services back to the United States. Companies can outsource domestically as well, and domestic call centers that offer outsourcing services create hundreds of jobs per year.

Working in a Call Center is Easy

Rewarding, definitely, but the work can be very challenging. It takes a certain level of skill and a lot of patience to work in a call center. Customer service representatives are able to multi-task very well; they are juggling several programs while on the phone with a customer. Call center agents deserve their kudos for providing consistent customer service while under a lot of pressure.

Only Large Companies Can Benefit from Call Centers

This is just not true. Even small businesses can benefit from call center outsourcing. Call center employees are an extension of the business, giving small companies access to more employees without hiring them themselves.

Call Center Agents Do Not Care About Customers

Agents care a lot about their customers. Companies invest a lot of time and money into adequately training their employees to handle all customers effectively and respectfully. This includes extra training, quality equipment, and extensive screening processes to ensure that they can provide the best customer service.

Automation Will Replace People in Customer Service

There have been many technological advances to improve customer service interactions both online and over the phone. But be rest assured that robots will not be taking over your call center anytime soon. Technology serves to assist customer service, not replace it. Genuine human interaction will always be needed to resolve any issues adequately. Customers still prefer talking to a live agent rather than an automated chat system.

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