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How to Handle Angry Callers

How to Handle Angry Callers telerep

Keeping cool in response to an unhappy caller can be difficult.

Part of the unfortunate reality of a call center is that not all – and, to be honest, most – callers or customers are unhappy about something. And often, being unhappy is an understatement. Many callers or customers are angry and they take it out on the call center rep. It can be difficult to keep your cool in response and maintain the high level of customer service you expect. Read on for several great tips to equip your answering service employees to handle angry callers.

Keep Your Cool

The most important thing to remember when dealing with angry customers is also the hardest. Staying calm when someone is angry at you, especially when it likely isn’t even your fault, is extremely hard. Start by remembering to breathe – this will help calm you down and make the other steps easier. Remind yourself that the caller being angry at the situation is not the same thing as the caller being angry at you. If it helps, try thinking about how you would feel in their shoes and draw on your own empathy a little bit.  Finally, keep your tone as calm and even as possible – you getting angry will only escalate the situation. 

Listen To Them

Generally, it goes a long way with angry customers just to know that someone is listening and actually hearing them. Give the angry caller the space and time to get their words out before interrupting and try to diffuse the situation. It can help immensely to take notes as the person is talking so that once they are done you can repeat your understanding of their issue or issues to them. Your company should establish and ensure that all representatives understand what boundaries are non-negotiable for callers. Being understanding and empathetic for a frustrated caller is not in anyway the same as allowing angry callers to harass, berate, threaten or insult call center reps. Make sure that your reps know where the lines are drawn and that they have the right to end the conversation if they’re crossed. 

Avoid Putting Them On Hold

Rather than allowing them time to calm down, putting an angry caller on hold often simply makes them more angry. If possible, try to listen and diffuse the situation without having to put the call on hold – explain to them what you’re doing and talk them through the steps you’re taking. Sometimes, however, this is not possible, so if you must put them on hold, make sure you explain why. This can help calm them down long enough to solve their problem – which goes a long way toward helping to keep a customer.

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