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3 Myths About Call Centers

Here are some of the central myths about call centers and the truth about how they really work.

Call centers are a great benefit for most businesses. However, many people don’t believe in call centers’ effectiveness because of several misconceptions that have given call centers a negative image. To help dispel this stigma, here are some of the central myths about call centers and the truth about how they really work.

Myth: Low-Quality Outsourcing

Many people have a negative association with the idea of a business outsourcing their calls. They think that using a call center will result in a drop in quality. The truth is that the quality depends on the call center you use. Offshore outsourcing is partially to blame for the reputation of poor quality. But if you look for a good domestic call center, then the quality of your customer interactions will improve.

Myth: Unethical Marketing

Another reason why people have a bad impression of call centers is because of telemarketing. Marketing calls, like cold calling, often carry the stigma of being a time-waster. People don’t like the idea of answering a call from a stranger trying to sell something they’re not interested in. However, with a good call center, you can use marketing in a way that is ethical and respectful. There won’t be any sold or stolen phone numbers on the call list, and marketing calls will only go towards an audience that the product or service is relevant to.

Myth: Clueless Agents

Perhaps the worst myth about call centers is that talking to a call center agent could waste a customer’s time. The reason for this myth is because of frustrating experiences in the past with representatives who didn’t seem connected with the business or weren’t able to help the customer’s specific needs. This again goes back to the call center. A bad call center won’t have the proper program to help customers, which will make the representatives sound like they don’t know what they’re doing. Once you find a call center with expert customer service skills, customers will appreciate the time they save in being able to talk to a real person instead of a voicemail.

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