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How Our Agents Handle Emergency Calls

Our contact center agents are expertly trained to handle calls from a wide variety of industries. While every call we receive is truly important to us, some of them are more urgent than others. We are no strangers to adeptly handling emergency calls. It takes a unique set of skills to handle these calls with the efficiency and professionalism they need. Here are some techniques our call center agents use when fielding emergency calls.

How Our Agents Handle Emergency Calls

It takes a unique set of skills to handle emergency calls. Our agents have them.

Keep Calm

It takes some serious psychological fortitude to expertly handle emergency calls. When your average individual is on the phone with someone experiencing an emergency, it can be easy for their anxiety to transfer to the person on the other end of the line. Our call center agents know to remain calm when handling these calls. There’s no other way to do the job.


As important as it is for our agents to remain calm, it’s just as crucial that they can understand and empathize with the emotions the caller is experiencing. Automated call centers can’t hold a candle to live operators in customer service, and this is especially true when it comes to emergency calls. This is true not only because of the speed and efficiency with which live operators can handle calls, but also due to their unique ability to empathize.

Collect Information

When communicating with a distressed caller, it can be challenging to get the necessary information to understand the nature of the emergency. Our call center agents have the customer service skills they need to extract the relevant information from the caller, with tact and expertise. Fully understanding the nature of the caller’s concern is the first step toward finding the solution.

Quick Resolution

Once all these steps have been accomplished, all that remains is to resolve the issue. But this is easier said than done. Here at TeleRep, we get a wide range of emergency calls from individuals in a diverse range of situations. But no matter the specifics of the situation, our agents have the skills they need to resolve and document the problems with unrivaled speed and efficiency.

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